Pelkins was born to a family of musicians. His parents were choir leaders at their local church in Cameroon. Growing up immersed in music, Pelkins developed his unique musical style, which involves playing a variety of genres (traditional African, blues, makossa, jazz) by ear and improvising. Upon moving to the US, Pelkins learned how to read music and got exposed to newer genres (classical, baroque, and romantic); however, he prefers playing by ear. He has been playing the piano since 2010. In January 2019, he picked up the saxophone in a bid to learn an instrument that was portable and warranted improvisation. He is self-taught for both instruments. Music, to Pelkins, is a medium of connecting with the world. 

Classical: "Sancta Dorothea" by Franz Liszt

"Lifted" by Nigerian contemporary gospel artist Frank Edwards

Improvised Blues

Latin Fusion: Despacito
by Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee

This is one of Pelkins' favorite pieces. It is titled "The Benediction of a long life," performed by the Cameroonian artist, Richard Bona, in the Douala language. It is a mixture of Cuban and Highlife genres. In addition to its diversity in genres, what makes this piece special is Bona's poetic lyrics, metaphorically describing the wisdom that comes with age and experience. He uses parables to figuratively showcase the African tradition of oral transfer of knowledge across generations and respect for the elderly. 


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